Saturday, May 7, 2011

'Dos and Berries

Today was hair-do day at Studio Bliss. My friend Jen has been doing my hair for the past 15 years. Even when I moved over an hour away, I still make trips to visit with Jen. She's the only person who'll put up with my tender-headed ways. She just laughs at me and hands me the comb. She makes fun of me when I scream after she's ripped the hair and wax off of my face. She's awesome!

She's been there through the years. She's my friend first and foremost! We've been through a lot together. We've read the Harry Potter books together! She loves them as much as I do, maybe more!
We have lots of fun together and I love her dearly! I look forward to my appointments with her. I wish we lived closer and I'd see her more often!

After we left Jen's, we went by the movies. Nothing we wanted to see. We decided to head to Jonesboro and see if they had a better selection. They did, but the times were not working for us. We went and ate at Ta Molly's. Then we headed home. We went to the AT&T store to get Blaine a new phone. He had been using a Razor that we bought right after we got married! That's been almost FIVE years!

Friday I had called AT&T and canceled our land line. We just don't use it and the only people who call on it, we don't want to talk to! With the money that I saved by canceling the land line, I had the extra money to add a data plan. Of course, I felt the need for a new phone! I have had a Blackberry Curve for a couple of years. I love having an actual keyboard! The Blackberry Torch has the convenience of a touch screen and a QWERTY keypad for me!!! It's going to take some getting use to, but I'm sure I'll adjust!

Today I had leftover chef salad for breakfast. Lunch was a junior deluxe burger and a Route 44 Lemonade from Sonic. Dinner was Beef Nachos, 1/2 of a chicken taquito and 1/6 of a chicken enchilada. For snack I ate some pork rinds. So far, so good!


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