Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodbye Egg Roll, I Love You!

This is how I started my day, at work. We are making up ANOTHER day we missed due to storms and flooding.

I am truly grateful to the men and women in the Armed Forces that have sacrificed for our country to have the freedoms we enjoy. Too many times, we take for granted that which others have sacrificed for us.

Today was a stress-filled day. My days will continue to be stress-filled until the last day.

Blaine told me that if I could find airfare, hotel, and car for $2000 we could take a vacation to Hawaii. I got super excited! I found it all to Maui for less than that. But then the grown up in my head started shouting, YOU'RE GOING TO NEED A NEW WASHER AND DRYER SOON! So now, I'm kinda deflated. I really want to go, but it's best that we stay home. Maybe next summer. By then I'll have lost more weight and the flight will be easier on me.

Today the cafeteria was serving fake McRibs and hot dogs. We opted for Chinese delivery. I ate rice and was fine. I saved my egg roll for when we got home. BAD IDEA. That sucker made me sicker than a dog! I only ate half and puked my guts up! As much as I love those egg rolls, that was my last for a very long time!

Tonight I had a salad with fresh tomatoes and onions from my pot garden and some macaroni and cheese. Everything sat well, I threw the rest of the egg roll away!


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