Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He who laughs last didn't get it.

I love a good joke. I hate having to have one explained. I don't like having to explain. I just want to laugh!

Today was a good day overall. Not a bad day at work. Today was Blaine's day to turn in his paperwork for the year. My friend, Debbie, brought me home after work. I was checking my tomatoes and one of them is turning ORANGE! Before long, I'll have a ripe tomato to eat!!

After taking a picture of the tomato and posting it to Facebook, I went to Colton's to have dinner with my friends. They are a couple of librarians in the district where I work. It's nice to just get out and have some fun!

When I got home, I started some laundry and went and stared at the kitchen sink. Ughh! It is still clogged! I decided to go and give the tomatoes some Miracle Grow and some of the neighbors were outside. I asked if they could recommend a plumber. They are awesome! Curtis went inside, grabbed a business card and called the plumber. I am supposed to meet him after school tomorrow. Hallelujah! Should cost about the same as a tank of gas for an SUV!

I got a new phone this past Saturday. It's a Blackberry Torch. It's a touch screen with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. So far I've hung up on a call, put a call on mute, called people accidentally, lost phone numbers, and lots of other things I didn't mean to do! I'm learning though and I'm excited to have the internet on my phone, finally.

The reason I finally gave in and got a data plan is that I had our home phone number turned off. We never used it. The only people that called were telemarketers and surveys. The amount I save is almost how much it's gonna cost for the data plan. That's how I justify it in my head.

Today's food:
Breakfast: Sausage McMuffin - got stuck
Lunch: Chicken and Sausage Alfredo - got stuck
Snack: Hot Cheetos and Cheese
Dinner: Chipotle Chicken Nachos

I'm having a weird pain. It's on the left side of my abdomen, several inches below my ribs. It's a constant, dull ache.

if you read past here, it's your own fault and I don't want to hear about me being disgusting!

When I pooped this morning, it was a chalky, grey color. That's super weird. Any suggestions?

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  1. From my experience, when your poop is light colored, that means that there aren't many toxins in your that may just be a good thing. Robin. However, I'm not a doctor, so I'd still have it checked out...but that is what I've been told from reliable resources.


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