Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a Real Clip Hanger!

This is a Clip Hanger aka a Hang-y Thang-y. This is what keeps my phone from being lost. This keeps my phone clipped to my shirt and purse. I don't have to worry about putting it in my pocket or down in my purse. I love this thing! Clip Hanger, FYI I am not a paid endorser. I bought mine online. I didn't even have a coupon! That should tell you how much I love this thing!

I was sleeping so good this morning! I was so warm and comfy. Then Blaine woke me up with COLD hands! Oh My Heavens! It's the middle of May and it feels like March! I could live with this kind of weather year round! No need for heat or air-conditioning!

16 more mornings until summer vacation begins!!!!

Today's food:
1/2 Breakfast Club Ciabbata
2 small packages Cheetos
Steak Sandwich
Tater Tots
Apple Crisp
Taco Salad

I'm obviously still on the Taco kick! After school today we went grocery shopping at Kroger.  I forgot eggs and onions! I also forgot to use my $5 off my total bill coupon! I still did okay. Before running my Kroger card and all my coupons the bill was $225 after it was $137! Not bad!!!

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