Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Happy Day

After I began this blog, I found out about AdSense. I decided to try it out. I agreed to not tell you, on here, how the money is made. But AdSense is responsible for the the ads that are placed on my blog. Today after four months, I got my first check from Google! They are the company that runs AdSense. You don't get a check until you have generated at least $100 dollars in earnings. I hit my $100 mark the end of April. Today the check came! There is a lag of one month. Don't do AdSense if you are needing money quick!

I don't write this blog for the money. I do it because I enjoy it and I wanted to share my Lap-Band journey. The money is a bonus!  Blaine and I were both having somewhat less than stellar days! This was just the pick-me-up I needed!

The end of school is tough on my nerves. Everybody is in a hurry and they need me to drop everything and answer their question RIGHT NOW. I don't do well with that kind of stress. I also goofed up and forgot to invite a couple of people to a retirement party for a couple of librarians. My brain is fried and I felt AWFUL! I didn't get to make it to the party either and that made me feel even worse. (The reason I didn't go was another part of our bad day.)

Four more days! I'm super excited!!! I hope to have lots of great trips and stories to share with you this summer. Even though it won't include a trip to Hawaii :(

Today's food:
Breakfast burrito, 3 donut holes, grapes, cantaloupe, and a strawberry
Broccoli and Chicken Lean Pocket (Blechh!)
Cheddar Crackers and BBQ corn chips
Salsa and chips, fish tacos, and refried beans
Small cherry slush

Question for today: What do parents do with their children in the summer? If you aren't a teacher or a Stay at Home Mom, what do you do with them?


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  1. Well up until this year Matthew has done the summer program at the Boys & Girls club and we all loved it. But he is 13 now and I believe that is the age cut off.

    Nancy Bagley


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