Monday, May 2, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling

It's been quite a morning. It rained all last night. It was raining this morning when we left the house. We had to take a different route to school. Streets are flooded all over town. It's was a little scary in places. We stopped at Sonic to get a Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito to share and a cup of ice. Just as we're getting ready to turn, I got a phone call from Sara, school is out! It is 7:32 am! As I'm talking to her I get another call, it's the school district letting us know school is out. Thanks. I'm awake and dressed, I'll never get back to sleep!

We go back home, it's still pouring down. It's getting deeper. Blaine does some paper work, I'm playing on facebook. We take a nap around 10. He does more paper work and I start cleaning on the kitchen and cooking lunch. It is still raining! I'm heating up Jami's spaghetti sauce, cooking noodles, made some tea, baked garlic bread, making salad, and reheating green beans from yesterday. We actually ate lunch at the kitchen table!

I didn't eat my salad, I ran out of room. I'll have it for a snack later!

I started helping Blaine on his sped work and their website went down. It was very frustrating. Blaine had planned on getting lots of work done today at home. The rain has let up for a little bit now. The water is at our sidewalk and up in our driveway. Every time we see a car or a truck we are amazed at how deep the water is. It's also kinda cold, in the 50's. I'm worried for my little tomatoes!
 This is our back yard.
 This is the street on the back side of our house, it's also flooded
 This is our driveway. It's even deeper now!
 We need new gutters and gutter extensions. Our flower bed can now be a goldfish pond!
 Poor little tomatoes, they look cold!
 Will they be okay as long as it doesn't freeze?
Red Onions and a Jalapeno plant, they look okay, so far.

I ate half of a Super Sonic breakfast burrito for breakfast. Spaghetti, a piece of garlic bread, and some green beans for lunch. I'm planning on eating my salad for snack later. We'll probably have all kinds of leftovers for dinner :-) 

Stay dry and warm!

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