Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spitting on Cake

More rain and stormy weather. We'll be wanting some rain come July and August!
Here's Aunt Olivia. I love living closer to her!
Sharon and Uncle Dean
The Birthday Girl, striking a pose!
The birthday cake, I didn't eat a single piece!
Sharon and Aunt Mary
Sharon, Stacy, and Mary
Aunt Olivia "waving" out her candles. Never thought about how gross it is to eat cake after somebody blows spit all over it. Thanks Liv! I now have a new phobia!
Terry Lee and Dean in deep meaningful conversation.
Stacy and Uncle Clyde waiting for cake.
Cheesing for the camera

The following are pictures of the Mississippi River. It is currently out of its banks and up against our levee. They aren't worried about it breaching. So, I'm calm. It's still pretty scary to see.

Lunch with the in-laws went well. I cooked the cod in the oven. I cooked it a little too long, it was very chewy. I had cooked some on George too, it was much better! I had fish, a piece of bread, and some green beans. That chewy fish got stuck. I had to excuse myself from the table. For dinner I had a nice salad, a hamburger (cooked on George), and a peanut butter cookie.


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  1. What a nice looking family that you have, Robin!! And you are looking very good too! Glad you had a good day with your Aunt!


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