Friday, May 27, 2011

The Sweet Tea Song and a recipe for Strawberry Delight

 Today is Show Us Your Life - Desserts at Kelly's Korner
Here is my recipe for Strawberry Delight
1 large container frozen sweetened sliced strawberries
1 large container of cool-whip like substance

Mix together. Refrigerate and serve in a fancy dish! (The fancy dish is necessary so people will think you worked super hard on this tasty dessert!) Try not to stick your head in the mixing dish to lick it out. I love this stuff!
 Back to our regularly scheduled blog:

I have to tell ya, the past two days have been fast and furious! I dislike missing work. When I come back, it's like I've been gone for a month. Stuff is messed up, things are piled on my desk, and it seems like everybody needs something from me ASAP. We didn't leave work until almost 4:30. 

I just sat down when we got home. I call it decompressing! I didn't have much time. I had to get ready for the concert! My friend Shirey had tickets to Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington, and Kenny Chesney.

I am not a fan of country music. I didn't even know Uncle Kracker was considered "country", I'd never heard of Billy Currington, and I didn't know ANY of the lyrics to Kenny Chesney's "original" songs. I went because Shirey asked me to go. That's what friends do.

 This is our view from our blankets on the lawn.
 My camera has an AWESOME zoom. Here's Uncle Kracker

 There were tons of country "outfits!" Lots of hats and boots!
 Here's a view of the 'lawn' and a rockin' outfit.

 This is Billy Currington. He sings a song that mentions Sweet Tea! McCallister's had a Sweet Tea TENT at the concert. SAHWEET! Here's the woman in a shirt so tight I could count her fat rolls and cellulite dimples. Seriously, who told her "Ya look good in that tight yellow shirt, definitely concert wear!"?? who did that to her?
 Here's Shirey! Cheesin' for the camera. In the picture are the skinny, beer drinking girls. (more about them later!)
 I was so excited when we finally got inside the part at Snowden Grove! They had PRONTO PUPS!! My ultimate fair food! I ate a foot long and drank a bottle of water. Shirey had a burger and fries. I got a little bored. (Did I mention I don't listen to country music?) So I entertained myself with what I had! A pronto pup stick, and empty water bottle, and a plastic fry container. Here's the result:

Shirey having a blast. I'm glad she told me to bring a sweater, it got chilly!
 Poor under-dressed skinny girls had to drink more beer to keep warm. They were also practicing dance moves better left in the strip club!
 Everybody is getting excited  for Kenny's show!

 Lots of rude people kept stepping on our blankets. I made it my mission to make it as difficult as possible for them!

 Okay, here's where the excitement starts. The skinny girls decide to stand in front of these nice ladies. They politely asked them to move. They told them that the grass in front of their blanket was for a walk way path, and not a place for uppity, skinny, beer drinkers to stand.
 Uppity, Beer-Drinking, Skinny girls leave and return with taller, uppity, beer-drinking girls.
 Nice ladies are FED up!
 Nice lady pushes tall, uppity, beer-drinking, girls and stands in front of them because they are ruining her happy "kenny-buzz"
 Tall, uppity, beer-drinking, skinny girls go and get polite, sober, short, good-looking cops. I pull one of the cops to the side and tell him what my version of the truth is and to leave the nice ladies alone and make the evil skinny women go eat a cookie so they'll be nice! It all makes me think of the scene from Fried Green Tomatoes when Kathy Bates crashes her car at the grocery store! LOVE IT!

Oh yeah, here's the ending! Uppity, beer drinking, skinny girls leave, nice sober ladies pull the blanket up. Now there is no grass in front of their blanket, skinny girls are back in their original 'spot' and the concert goes on without anybody being arrested. What I find funny is that I was seriously flashing them with the camera and taking pictures the whole time and nobody seemed to mind :-D I love confrontations, as long as I'm not involved!
 This little fella was hilarious. He watched the whole uppity, beer-drinking, skinny women drama and was not on their side. Although, I do believe he got several eye-fulls while he sitting on the blanket next to where the skinny girls were standing!
 More Kenny
 It was a GREAT show. I still don't know any of the words!
 Mechanical Bull outside the amphitheater.
 Ride'em Cowboy
Don't lose yer hat!

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