Friday, May 13, 2011

Where, Oh Where, Are you tonight?

Blogger was down yesterday. I was sad. I've started thinking of this blog as my journal. It's how I'm keeping up with the things that are going on in my life. I kinda felt like I didn't do my homework!

Yesterday was a pretty good day at work. After work an awesome plumber came over to the house and fixed our clogged up kitchen sink. He also chastised me for putting too much through my disposal. He told me to throw more in the trash can! ughh! I hate throwing food in the can. It makes the big can outside smell AWFUL! But I'm going to try and do better!

After paying the plumber, which by the way did NOT require a small loan, we went to Bonanza. Blaine's choice. It wasn't bad. I enjoyed my shrimp and veggies from the bar.

Today was another good day at work. Blaine is getting close to being done with his paperwork for the year. I am about to enter into one of my busiest times of the year. I handle almost all of our textbooks and manage them through my library automation system. It seems to make the whole process more organized. After school I went and got a pedicure. I had a good time. I spent most of it talking with a teacher from another school in the district. I rarely meet a stranger. I could talk the paint off a wall!

Tonight we went to Memphis Pizza Cafe. It was so good. I had half of a chef salad and two skinny pieces of Cafe Supreme Pizza. If you live in or visit the Memphis area, you need to eat here! They have super thin, crunchy, great tasting pizza!

After pizza we went and saw the movie, Bridesmaids. Oh my goodness. This is a funny, silly, raunchy, pitiful, and some romance with a dash of creepy weird. It's a Judd Apatow movie, which should explain most of that! I laughed really hard in places and so did Blaine! It is not for those easily offended (thus the raunchy description.)

For those of you who read about my over share, the situation seems to have resolved itself!

Today's food:
Breakfast: Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken
Lunch: Cafeteria Mac & Cheese, White Beans, Mexican Cornbread, Fried Okra, and Green Apple slices w/Caramel
Dinner: Cafe Supreme pizza and Chef Salad

Tomorrow I am going to met my friend Lisa in Paragould, then we are going to our friend Lori's wedding shower!!! I am so excited for her!


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  1. Look how skinny your face looks in this picture!!!! <3


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