Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Crazy is a relative term in my family!"

Today was the family reunion. I have the craziest family! You can't help but love them!
This is my sister and our crazy cousin Kathy!
Dad and Coco
Blaine, he's such a good sport!
The Peanut

What a crew!
Tanya and Aunt Lottie
I enjoyed being with all my relatives, they are funny and I don't see them nearly enough! Once you meet my family, it explains a lot about me! The nuts definitely didn't fall far from the tree!

After we ate lunch and hung out, it was time to go. I had planned on going to see my niece and her two daughters. When I got in the car and cranked it, it was acting really weird. When I put it into gear, it was acting like it wasn't getting enough power. I was really starting to freak out. We decided to cancel the trip and go back to my sister's house. We headed into town and were lucky enough to find somebody to help us out, we were so thankful!

All that stress did me in! I had to take a nap! We had leftovers and Sonic for dinner. I wish Sonic made a sugar free slush!

Today's food: PopTart, bbq, potato salad, baked beans, squash casserold, hominy casserole, ham, chicken & dressing, cucumbers, onions, slice of tomato,chicken strip sandwich, jr cheese burger, and a cherry slush!

I'm still rubbing my belly! I did eat too much and got stuck, it wasn't fun and I know better!


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