Thursday, June 2, 2011

The End is Nigh

Two more mornings until Summer Vacation begins!!!! I'm so ready!! I've been trying to finish the school DVD yearbook and keep running into "issues." Sometimes they are my fault, sometimes it is the computer not wanting cooperate!

After school we went and had dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse. They have the best waitstaff! The food was okay! I like eating at places around town that are part of the SkyMiles Dining program with American Express. I get triple miles when I use my AmEx Card at these restaurants. I'm saving up my miles for when we finally get to go to Europe!!! You need to have goals!

We went to the Mississippi River Greenbelt Park and checked out the river. Parts of it look like a desert, caused by where the river was before it receded.

We headed home and made a stop by Dollar Tree. I love this place. Where else can you get a buggy full of stuff and spend less than $20????

I got some potting soil for my pot garden! I did some pruning on my tomato plant and found some new tomatoes!!! My jalapeno plant also has about seven peppers, so far!
 I'm looking forward to harvest time!

Today's food:
Jami's spaghetti, Sonic burger, turkey lunchable, salad, wedding soup, spaghetti with garlic, mushrooms, and marinara.

p.s. I haven't been stuck in days!!!

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