Monday, June 13, 2011

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet" - Fran Leibowitz

Day 6 of Summer Vacation has been GREAT! I slept late, had salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, went to visit Blaine's parents, bought salad fixins, and got a good report from the doctor!

We started off the day by visiting Blaine's parents. They told us that tomatoes were on sale for $1 a pound at the Marion Market Place. We headed over there and bought all the stuff to make a salad. While we were eating our salads I noticed a friend had posted something about the weather on facebook.

I started checking the radar and Blaine looked outside. Next thing, Blaine was hollering for me to come downstairs! We could see stuff blowing around, the neighbors shingles coming off, and our trash can blowing across the street! The storm finally blew over and things calmed down. It wasn't nearly as scary as the storm in April!

I received a phone call from the doctor's office. We went last week for blood work and a check up. They said that ALL my numbers were good! She told me all the numbers, but I didn't write them down, I was sooooo excited! The last time they checked my blood, there wasn't much that was good, 18 months later, woohoo!!!

I cooked some hamburger meat and used my new Mix'n'Chop from Pampered Chef. Mixed in some taco seasoning and had myself a taco salad. I'm having salad for every meal today. I may have more tacos tomorrow!

I didn't weigh yesterday, since we weren't home. I weighed this morning and the scales said 281. That's 46 pounds so far. I had set a goal to weigh 275 by the time I went to New Orleans, but I don't believe I'm going to make it. I don't feel bad about it, I still have other goals to achieve and time to do it :) My next goal was 265 by the time school starts back. That's only 16 pounds, I'm going to try and make it!

Today's food: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, ham, chicken, taco meat, tortillas, Frito's, salsa, ranch, thousand island. I LOVE SALAD AND TACOS!

Sometimes you just need some RED kool-aid. I love the sugar free versions I've found. I hardly miss sodas at all! I do crave a Mt. Dew occasionally, but not often. I have yet to have a day where I've regretted having my lap-band surgery.


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