Thursday, June 30, 2011

Holey Eggs!

Friday is Show Us Your Life: Favorite Breakfast Recipes at Kelly's Korner Blog. I would like to share "Egg in a Basket"

What you'll need:
Biscuit cutter

Use biscuit cutter and cut a hole in the bread.
Melt butter in skillet
Put Bread in skillet
Crack egg and put in hole
Cook on Medium until the egg white is white
Flip over and cook  for a couple of minutes

I love these things!

Thursday was Day 19 of summer vacation. We got out and picked up our Boston Butt that we bought from the local high school band. (It's delicious!)

After a lunch at Margarita's we hit all the hardware stores in town. We were looking for brushed nickel brackets for our hall hand rail. Dang, everybody had plenty of shiny brass ones. We finally found one at Barton's! Are gold fixtures coming back into style? I hope not.

I do believe the thing I love most about summer vacation is taking a nap! I took a good one today! After nap time I got up and got ready and we went to the movies!

We watched Super 8. I really liked it. Don't take your kids if harsh language bothers you, there is plenty in this movie. There are also moments that scared the crap outta me! Also, there are moments of children defying their parents, drinking, and drug use. I was happy with the movie and how it ended. Stay for the credits, if you go to see it!

We ended our night driving through down town Memphis and stopping at Wal*Mart. It was a good day!

Thursday a milestone for me, I drank SODA. I sipped it carefully and it didn't make me sick. I can NOT drink soda out of a can, that has way too much carbonation! I did get a little sick at lunch time. But I really blame skipping breakfast and letting myself get too hungry, I was eating too fast and got sick.

Today's food:
Cheese Quesadilla, Margarita Dip, Chips & Salsa, Swiss & Turkey Croissant, Boston Butt, Tomatoes, and bbq sauce


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