Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Orleans Survived!

We had a great time!!! This may become an annual event! But warning, this is a long post.

Tuesday night, after blogging, I packed my bags and went to bed. I looked at the ceiling for HOURS. I was so excited, I couldn't get to sleep! Finally, the alarm rang at 5:00AM! At 5:30 I started texting the girls and pick ups began.

Sara called and the train was running a little late. We went to the truck stop and bought subs and Zuzu's (this is a new word for snacks I picked up from Kissy.) Sara checked on the train again and it was running even later. We went to McDonald's for breakfast.

We get to the train station. I went to get our tickets and we waited. We didn't have to wait very long and it was time to board the train.
Sara got each of us a Vera Bradley wrist bag. LOVE IT! Thanks Sara!

I love riding the train. It's a great way to get someplace. You don't have to drive. They have a restaurant and bar. You can sleep all you want. There are plenty of bathrooms. There is space to stretch out and walk around. I will admit, after 8+ hours on the train, I was very ready to get off and be on stable ground!

We arrived at the hotel, The Inn on Bourbon. Excellent location and very nice. We booked it through Hotwire. One of those, you don't know where you're staying until after you pay deals. It was right on Bourbon Street, within walking distance of almost every place we wanted to go!
This is the view from our hotel room. Very European looking!
Our first night, we stayed on Bourbon Street and went to Pat O'Brien's. We weren't too impressed with the food, but the girls loved the Hurricanes! I didn't have anything to drink, I'm still a little leery of upsetting my stomach.
Sara and Kissy at Pat O'Briens
We then wandered up and down the street. There's plenty to see! I would say that it definitely is NOT a place to bring children. There are parents who don't agree with me. We saw people with kids on the street after 11pm! All I could do was stare and shake my head!

After lots of looking, frozen drinks (I had one) and a late night pizza run, we headed back to the hotel. The front desk was kind enough to let us hang out at the pool, even though it was supposed to be closed. We relaxed on the loungers, ate pizza, and had deep, thoughtful conversation, hah!

We slept good! I was awake at 7:30! I don't know what was wrong with me, but I was up and at 'em. I read my Kindle while waiting for the others to wake up.

When everybody was up and ready, we headed out. Cafe Fleur de Lis was our first stop. Sara had coupons that got us $20 off of our meal! I had a Cajun Burger. Bless my soul is was hot! I loved every spicy bite!
St. Louis Cathedral

We started walking and looking at shops. We finally found a skinny girl store for Jami that had lots of cute skinny girl clothes.

Lunch was Royal Street Deli. I had an awesome Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomato! I love the food in New Orleans! More shopping, then back to the room for a short nap!

Emeril's was our dinner destination. When we first started talking about the New Orleans trip, Kissy's request was that we eat at one of Emeril's restaurants. We had reservations for 6:30pm.
Getting Ready
Outside the restaurant

Bread, cornbread mmm
Pork Chop and Sweet Potatoes
Watermelon Midori, Strawberry Banana, Cantaloupe Sorbet
Shrimp Louis Salad

I had a Shrimp Louis Salad, Pork Chop, and Sorbet. We enjoyed our time and the good service there. Back to Bourbon St. for more entertainment! We stopped at the hotel to change clothes and then headed back out. We stayed out even later and had even more fun! Once again, we ended our night with pizza by the pool!
Jami and Kissy
Sara and Robin

I slept like a rock. We got ready and headed to the Oceania Grill for Breakfast. I had a Bloody Mary with no alcohol (The drink had a PICKLED GREEN BEAN in it! I love it. I want to buy some!) and a Cajun Omelet.  It had onions, mushrooms and Tasso Ham. It was wonderful!

Virgin Mary
Cajun Omelet

Sadly, it was time to head back to the hotel. We got our stuff together, loaded up a taxi, and headed for the train station. I finally got home a little after 11pm. I was so happy to see Blaine and to be home!

Now for the lap-band details. I did NOT eat all the food. I did eat more than normal. I only got stuck once and it wasn't bad. I did drink some alcohol and none of it made me sick, but I didn't have more than two drinks at one sitting.  I weighed this morning and I hadn't gained any weight.  I was pleased with how I did with my band on this trip.

Lots of details were left out, because for somethings What Happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans!


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