Thursday, June 9, 2011

This house is protected by killer dust bunnies.

Today, I stayed home ALL DAY! My goal, before I go to sleep, was to have the dishes done and the closet cleaned. I'm pretty good about working for ten minutes and then sitting down and playing on the computer for thirty!

I've been needing to go through the closet for AGES. I needed to organize the clothes by size, but I just didn't get to it. I've already gotten rid of a bunch of pants that are too big and I got rid of a bunch more today. Now that they are organized, it will be easier to find the stuff that fits! I went back and looked at past blogs, it has been TWO MONTHS since I started talking about cleaning my closet!

Here is the before picture, don't judge!
Here are the after shots!

 I plan on keeping a box in the closet and when I try on clothes and they don't fit, I'm going to put them directly in the box!

This morning I used my new 12" covered skillet from Pampered Chef. It is big enough to hold an entire package of bacon! We had scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Lunch was a find it yourself, and for dinner I cooked chicken marinated in a black pepper sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, and salad. The chicken  was okay, but it didn't make me want to lick my plate :(

Yesterday I painted my fingernails HOT PINK! It may be wrong for a 41 year old woman, but I DON'T CARE! I had fun!
Yesterday my family doctor lowered my blood pressure medicine dosage and upped my diuretic. I didn't know it was possible to lose SEVEN pounds in one day without throwing up my socks! I'm drinking lots of water and watching to make sure I don't get dehydrated. I've had a headache, but not bad. I may just need to get acclimated to the new dosages.

Today's food:
bacon, eggs, microwave pizza, black pepper chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and salad.

Here are the weight goals I listed two months ago:
Less than 300
275 by June 15 (leave for New Orleans) - don't think I'll make this, when I weighed today I was at 282.
265 by August 5 (back to work)
250 by October 5 (my birthday)
234 by November 24 (anniversary of consultation)
220 by January 20 (anniversary of surgery)
200 by March 16 (Spring Break)
170 by June 10(wedding anniversary)


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