Saturday, July 30, 2011

About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.

My friend Char (Hey Char!!) had her birthday this past week. Tonight I hosted a party to celebrate her birth!
Crowns and Leis!
Fun Umbrella Bendy Straws!
Slow Cooked (3 hours) Baked Beans
Pretty Table full of food :)

Burger Buffet I had lots of different flavors from which to pick! Ranch, Gravy, A1, Lea & Perrins, Country Bob's, Bacon & Onion, Bacon & Cheese, Bacon, Cheese, Garlic & Herb, and probably one I forgot!

I fried them all. It was too hot outside to grill. I pan fried some hot dogs too.
I sat next to Teresa. She's a new friend and I'm glad she and her husband, Paul, came tonight! We played Apples to Apples. Great Fun! Holly and Todd were hilarious!

Rockin' our tiaras! The birthday girl!

Shirey is looking great!
I'm so glad everybody came. I had a blast. Charlotte and Holly even cleaned up my kitchen. AWESOME!!! Larry and Blaine were here too, they just didn't make it into the pictures.

I'm tired :) but had a great time!

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  1. *waves back atcha* I think between Teresa & my pictures we have a couple pictures of the fellas. I think. Lol. And thank you so much for throwing me a great birthday party!!! The random burgers were a most excellent idea (and tasted yummy!!!) <3 Thx for being such a great friend Robin!! I appreciate your friendship more than you know. My love to you & Blaine... but mostly to you. ;) xoxo Char

  2. Looks like a really good time!

  3. From a fellow Arkansan, Paul and I really enjoyed ourselves. You folks really now how to help newbies feel welcomed. The laughter was what I so enjoyed. Each of us to me, clicked pretty quickly. =I'm an optimistic kinda gal :*) = And now, you must must put us down on the next guest list. WE will be there with BELLS ON.
    The game was a hit. Too bad we didn't finish out the game, I was ready to get my turn of being the "winner". Loads of fun this "Apples to Apples". p.s Yes I do have a couple of shots of the fellas. Ta Ta..
    from your new pals Teresa & Paul


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