Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burn, Baby, Burn

Yesterday I was invited to my friend Sara's Mom's pool. Before I left I looked for the sunscreen. I didn't find it. I thought to myself, "oh, I'll be okay." Uhmm, I was wrong. I am what's referred to as a "crispy critter!" I hurt. When something touches me, when the sun hits me, when I think... it hurts. I'm an idiot. I knew better. It won't happen again... this year. I bought some spray with lidocaine, ahhhh!

A guy we used to work with was back in town. He's been all over the world teaching school. A bunch of us got together at Margaritas and caught up with him. It's always fun with the girls from work, especially at Margaritas!

I ended the night at The Flying Saucer. Kelly, Blaine, and I won 2nd place a few weeks ago and we had a $25 gift certificate burning a hole in our pocket. Kelly wasn't able to make it, but Shirey was! Between the three of us we didn't pay anything but the tip to the waitress!!! By the time the game was over we had won another 2nd place and a $25 gift certificate!!

Before I went to bed I put a roast, V8, and a bunch of veggies in the crockpot. When we woke up it was cooking and soup was ready for lunch! I did add a package of Minestrone "soup starter" about 30-60 minutes before time to eat. Any earlier and the noodles turn to mush!

We got ready and headed to Jonesboro this afternoon. It was time for my fill appointment. We got there and I didn't wait more than 10 minutes and they called me back! Wow that was fast! She weighed me and I'm down 52 pounds!!! I was 334 in November and 282 today! That's with clothes on FYI!

She only put in .5cc. That brings me to 8.5 out of 14 ccs. I also spoke with her about the hoarseness I've been experiencing since my surgery. She thinks that it's either reflux or sinus drainage. But either way it's made worse by my lap-band. So here's the plan. I wait for this round of hoarseness to stop. The next time it starts up I begin taking a Pepcid every morning. IF that stops it, she's going to order an x-ray. If it doesn't help she wants me to go see my family doctor and maybe an ENT about my sinuses. OH JOY!

This fill has been NOTHING like my others. When I would get the 2-3 cc fills I would be nauseous for hours after. Today, NOTHING. I'm not even sure I can tell that it's tighter. Time will tell.

I "worked" in my pot garden when we got home. I have four little green tomatoes. I just have to figure a way to keep the birds from attacking! The squash and cucumbers I planted have gone nuts! At least the squash have, I'm not even sure if the cucumbers are still in there. Having a garden is almost like having a pet. I have to water it every day or make arrangements for them to watered if I'm gone, geez.

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Today's food:
Beef Vegetable Soup, Potato Soup, McDouble, Salsa & Chips, and some real Sweet Tea from McAlister's

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  1. Keep up the good work! My wife is wanting to get this surgery so we are beginning to explore insurance options, etc.

    Jon Fulkerson


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