Tuesday, July 5, 2011

“Gray hair is God's graffiti” - Bill Cosby

Today we went to Paragould to have all the gray hairs colored! My friend Jen is AWESOME. It's almost like therapy going to see her. But when I leave I look and feel better!

She colored, striped, and cut my hair. She ripped stray hairs off of my face. Today she also colored my eyebrows. This was a first for me! What do you think?

Jen also gave me some clothes. She has been kicking butt in the weight loss game and I'm the winner!

Thanks Jen! You're awesome!

On our way home we stopped at Don Jose's and had a late lunch. I had a Mixed Salad with Chicken and a Cheese Quesadilla. We stopped in Jonesboro at Sam's to get some stuff.

I ate some of my to-go box in the car and Blaine had to pull over because I got sick. Blech! When we got home I started cutting up cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes. I've been being lax in what I eat lately and I've got to get serious again! I think I'll be ready for a fill by July 20th. It's time for a kick start!

Today's food:
Spicy McChicken, Salad w/chicken, Cheese Quesadilla, BBQ pork, cucumber salad

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