Monday, July 25, 2011

I love a Bargain!!!

The end is drawing nigh. I feel it coming right around the corner. Two weeks from today it's back to the grind. This will be my 18th year in education. I really do enjoy my job. I also enjoy countdowns! I just won't be counting down these last two weeks.

I fried Blaine some bacon this morning for a BMT (Bacon, Mayo, & Tomato.) I cut up a tomato, crunched bacon on top, and topped it off with some salad dressing. I loved it!

We took a little trip to Tunica. They don't just have casinos, they also have an outlet mall! Lane Bryant is one of those stores. They have cute clothes for bigger women. Someday, I hope their stuff will be too big for me. Right now, they are my store of choice.
This is one of my favorite LB tops. Today I found it in two other colors and a SIZE SMALLER!!!
The kicker is they were 60% off!!!! That means that the two of them together cost less than what I paid for the first one! I do love a bargain!!!

We stopped by the grocery store and got the ingredients for Taco Salad.
Don't think I ate all of this. But it sure was good!

Tomorrow night is trivia night! Wanna come play with us? Flying Saucer downtown at 7pm!

If you are interested in purchasing a Boston Butt for $27 let me know. The proceeds with help send a family and their son to the Visa Nationals Gymnastics competition next month. The deadline for ordering is July 31st. They will be delivered August 5th. Leave me a comment if you are interested or just want to make a donation!

Keep the bloggy love flowing and keep signing those comments!


Today's food:
3 slices bacon, 1/3 tomato, salad dressing, kiddy size cherry slush, 6 tots, ketchup, cheese pulled loose from the bread in a grilled cheese, taco salad, and a hand full of Chex Mix!

My hair is still coming out, maybe I need different vitamins. Any suggestions? When I say coming out, I mean hand fulls. It's a little distressing.


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