Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number. Steven Wright

This is Planet Hollywood behind me. This is part of the awesome view from our room!

Before I start on today, I need to finish up yesterday!

We went to see the fountains at the Bellagio. They are a wonder to watch. It's something we've done on every visit to Las Vegas. After viewing the fountains, I was having a snack attack. We went to this little eatery with a to-go menu named China Poblano. To the right of the door was the Mexican take-out, to the left of the door was the Chinese take-out. Super cute! I ordered a Pescado Frito, or a Fried Fish Taco. It was almost $6! I was expecting a jumbo taco! It was in a huge box and bag! By the time we finally got back to the room, this is what I found!
The world's tiniest taco! Oh my heavens, I was not happy. I went to the CVS next door and got some salsa and chips (for almost the same cost as the tiny taco) just so I wouldn't feel hungry. I won't be purchasing anymore tacos from them!

While we were in the Cosmopolitan I just had to take this photo of Blaine. Look behind him! He had no idea she was there!
Seriously, if I had a body like that, I too might run around mostly naked at 9 p.m.! God is wise. Therefore, I have the body I do. It might not be a wise professional decision to show up to the library dressed like this! But if I looked like her, I might have more males checking out the books!

Being from Memphis, I am constantly exposed to Elvis. Graceland, Sun Studios, the giant poster on Cook Convention Center, the statue at the visitor's center, etc. There are more Elvis impersonators in Vegas than I have ever seen in Memphis!

Today, I didn't take quite as many photos. Blaine let me sleep in, ahhh! He went out exploring. I took a bath in the tub that is big enough I can float in it!

He came back and we went for lunch at the Harley Davidson Cafe. I had a coupon from
Blaine outside the Harley Davidson Cafe

The coupon I used to save $10 on our lunch!

The outside of the cafe, super cool!

This is the appetizer sampler we ordered.

This is what I ate with a couple of onion rings and chicken chunks!
He's so happy I'm taking his picture, AGAIN!

 I have always wanted to see this sign. We rode the bus and drove passed it. It was so hot and such a long walk from the nearest bus stop that I am happy just to have seen it!
We went to the Fashion Show Mall. While we were there I had TACOS!!! Three for the same price as the world's tiniest taco! I shared with Blaine!! We then went window shopping. I saw a girl with a Paul Frank sack and told Blaine, "I've got to go to that store!" I love Paul Frank stuff! Inside I'm still twelve, I know I look forty-one, but I think like a twelve-year-old! I love my new purse!

When we got back to the room, turn down service had been done!

They left a rose petal on the tub and another one in a bowl of water and rocks. I also had a bottle of water and a glass on the bedside table. Most importantly, the ice bucket was magically full! I love this place!

We also made a trip to Treasure Island today! Thanks to Foursquare, we got tickets to see Mystere tomorrow night at a discount!

About 9:30pm we decided to head to Fremont Street. I was STARVING. All this walking around has had me constantly hungry. I keep telling Blaine, "feed me!" We went to the Four Queens. After signing up for a players card I got a BOGO Free Entree Coupon for their Magnolia Restaurant! I had the Prime Rib and Blaine got the Reuben. He ate about half of my meat and potatoes and only half of his sandwich. We were both full! The bill was $14!
Strolling down Fremont Street is truly an 'experience!' We saw Gene Simmons, Jack Sparrow, Slash, Axl Rose, Sponge Bob, Edward Scissorhands, Leelu from the 5th Element, and others I can't remember. The neon lights and signs are what you expect when you think of old Vegas. Being able to walk from casino to casino without needing to catch a bus! There's a zipline overhead, a giant screen that runs the length of the street and plays music videos every hour or so. It's never boring down there! I suggest if you go to Vegas to make sure and include a trip to Fremont!

We ride the Deuce, it's public transportation. It runs mainly on the Strip. It's $7 for a 24 pass. A taxi would cost more than double that, ONE WAY! If you are patient and want to be economical, plan on riding the Deuce!

Today's food:
Chips & Salsa, Beef Jerky, Chicken Biscuit, Salad, Chicken Chunks, Tacos, Prime Rib, Mashed Potatoes, Icee, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, and Orange Juice.

I am learning that I need to stay away from big pieces of chicken. They get hung up and that is definitely no fun! I can really tell a difference in my energy level so far. I am also having to eat frequently or I start to feel a little ill. I'm burning lots of calories!

Today is Follow Me Back Tuesday on Survey Junkie's Blog. I've found some great blogs through this! I love reading about everyday people and their lives. I've almost kicked my Entertainment Tonight addiction!

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  1. LOVE the bag!! I'm also a big Paul Frank fan!

  2. The purse is hideous. Did I spell that right? lol I know you love it so I love that you found it. Don't feel the need to get me one!


  3. Fremont Street rocks! Love the new bag (for you). Lol. If you happen upon a {cheap} Louis Vuitton lemme know. (ha!) I am living vicariously thru you this trip. Can you go ride the coaster at NY NY??!! Oh and one thing Robin didn't point out is when you go to Vegas you walk.. ALOT. And everything is FAR apart. FAR. Wear good shoes. And take some ibuprofen. Lol

  4. follower number29 on GFC! from the FMBT thanks


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