Monday, July 11, 2011

Las Vegas: all the amenities of modern society in a habitat unfit to grow a tomato. Jason Love

Waiting in the airport to board
Happy to be in the plane!
This is a bigger deal than you know! Not only do I NOT need a seat belt extender, I have a little flap of extra belt and it can be loosened!!! Major win for lap-band surgery!
I did a little "mile-high" farming. I paid some money to gogo so I could surf while flying!
I believe this may be part of the Grand Canyon
This gentleman was waiting for us at the airport, guess what he was driving!
This is us in the back of the LIMO!!!!
The extra room we didn't have to share. It was awesome not having to wait in the taxi line! Very swanky :)
This is our room at the Mandarin Oriental. They had little cool towels for us to wash off with at the check-in desk. Even though we arrived early, our room was ready!

bath salts
looking from the window
you have to ask for ice :(

tv in the mirror
vanity box
Ferrari parked outside. We've also seen a Rolls and a Bentley here!
Mr. Lucky's 24/7 at the Hard Rock Casino $7.77 Steak and Shrimp Special. You also get a side salad with all this!
Secret Pizza Place at The Cosmopolitan. You have to either discover it on your own or ask for directions. It's not on any of the maps or directories. Two huge slices of pizza and two drinks, $14. That's a bargain in Vegas!

What's crazy about Vegas is that the temperature will be 94 degrees and it feels like 93. In Arkansas the temperature would be 94 and feel like 110! I know hot is hot, but humidity is the kicker. It was actually raining here yesterday afternoon. Last night the humidity was 29%! You're still hot and you sweat, but you can breathe.

I have more pictures from yesterday, but they are still loading, it takes a little longer using my phone. I've found that I don't enjoy carrying my big camera around as much since I got my Torch.

So far, food-wise, I'm doing well. I just have to remember to take it slow, chew it well, and stop when I'm full! Oh yeah, the room has scales! I'm doing lots of walking and trying to match my exercise to the high calorie food! Hopefully I won't gain much, or at all!

More later!

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