Sunday, July 17, 2011

Normal is relevant.

What's normal for my life maybe be abnormal for yours. Today was unremarkable day.

We stayed home. I had leftovers from Margaritas and a grilled chicken leg and a biscuit from KFC. I clipped coupons and took a nap. I ate some more of the leftovers from Margaritas and some refried beans. Watched some television and ate a piece of Edward's turtle pie.

Oh how do I stand all this excitement? I had enough excitement last week for a whole month. Today felt good.

I weighed in this morning at 284. That's a gain of 4 pounds. Considering what all I ate last week, it could have been much worse. I'm scheduled to go back to the doctor Wednesday. I'll be in favor of a fill this time. I'm capable of eating quite a bit now. I've also realized that the only time I get sick now is when I eat too fast and don't chew my food well.  That's my fault not the band's.

I'm still thrilled about the seat belt having slack on the plane. That was a major deal for me. Having to ask for a seat-belt extender was majorly embarrassing for me. There have been times I just wouldn't ask for one. I'd pull the belt over so the stewardess would think it was buckled. I figured if we crashed I'd be the only one that wasn't strapped to the giant hunk of metal!

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  1. What a difference, your are looking great. Keep it up. I am still far from pictures that satisfy me, but getting there.


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