Friday, July 15, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

I am finally home! It feels good! Today has been a day of extremes.

We went from 10% humidity to 55%.
We went from the desert to the delta.
We went from the lap of luxury to doing laundry.
We went from super exciting to everyday humdrum.
We went from pillows we don't like to pillows we love!
We went from a fridge with $8 cokes to a fridge with a $4 12-pack!
We went from opulent buffets to Cracker Barrel.
We went from Pacific to Central time.
We went from Sin City to God's Country :)
We went from awesome hotel to "no place like home!"

I'll have one more Vegas post, but for right now I'm tired and I'm glad to be home!

Show some bloggy love, the end of July draws near! I love comments!


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