Sunday, July 31, 2011

To do is to be. -Descartes To be is to do. - Voltaire Do be do be do. - Frank Sinatra

I weighed 278 this morning. That's 49 pounds I've lost. Still not matching the 52 pounds the doctor's office's scales had me at. My crazy scales....

I'll post pictures tomorrow. I had a great time at Seize the Clay with Shirey, Kelly, and Darby (*waving*)

We went to play trivia again. Actually thought we did better than last time. All the other teams did even better so we didn't place, but had fun!

I'll share the painting pics tomorrow.


Today's food:
salad, hamburger patty, cheese dip, lemonade, snickers, ring pop, spaghetti, and more salad

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  1. We LOL'd when we seen you all check into Southland. Larry said "She was determined to go huh?" Lol. :)


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