Saturday, July 2, 2011

You may be a redneck if... your lifetime goal is to own a fireworks stand. Jeff Foxworthy

Friday we had Blaine's parents and aunt, my aunt, and some young friends over for dinner and the fireworks show.
I made Cucumber salad, YUM! Cut up cucumbers, tomatoes, and purple onions. I mix in vegetable or olive oil and red wine vinegar. If I'm feeling particularly "wild" I put in a little garlic! Season with salt and pepper.

I also mixed up a little Strawberry Dream. Sliced sweetened strawberries and Cool Whip mixed together. It's always a hit!
We also had a Boston Butt, that I bought from the band, and various sides purchased from Wal*Mart. I did NO COOKING! My favorite kind of party to host. We did have Strawberry Daiquiris :-D
This was the sunset outside our house, isn't it gorgeous?

The young people: Kelly, Jami, and Chris. So glad they all came! They keep me young!

Aunt Olivia and Aunt Levern

My honey bunny, he hates me taking his picture

Happy Fourth of July!

Jami and Chris hanging on the tail gate


My neighbor Jen
I have a theory about fireworks, before I share it let me state, I worked at a fireworks stand for years every June & July. This is not a theory I just thought up, it comes from years of observations. As with any theory, there are always exceptions.

I believe that the more money you earn, the less money you will spend on fireworks and the inverse. I can't tell you how many times I saw people pull up in a Lexus or Mercedes and spend $20. More often, it was people pulling up in vehicles that looked and sounded like they were ready for the junkyard that would spend $200.

I love fireworks, but I don't like to buy them. You are literally setting your money on fire! While pretty, there is NO return!

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