Monday, August 1, 2011

40 days and 40 nights

I forgot to post a side-by-side yesterday, here ya go! I love looking at this. I can seriously see a change :) I have about 12 more pounds and I'll be where I was when we got married over 5 years ago. Then it will be a whole new world for Blaine. It will be a me he's never seen.

Today was day 40 of our summer vacation. It's all over Thursday. We go back to for in-service then and Friday. Officially back to work Monday. Then it's time for a new countdown!

Here are the pictures from Seize the Clay:

Big Mug

Handle view

Darby and Kelly having fun

Shirey enjoy her ten coats of paint she had to apply!

Soup and crackers bowl. I think it could also be an individual chip and dip bowl!

Inside of big mug.
After we got finished at Seize the Clay it was time for trivia. We actually did better answering the questions, but everybody else did WAY better. We didn't place but we had a good time. I enjoy going whether we win or lose. It's fun to get out of the house and use our brains!

Office Max and Office Depot were offering some really good sales on school supplies and one even gave 20% off, everything you could fit into a bag, to school teachers!!! Here's a picture of everything we bought. We paid $50 for it all!
6 boxes of Kleenex     10 packs of notebook paper
4 rulers      2 post-it notes     6 protractors     50 packs of pens
Backpack w/lunch tote      4 boxes of crayons     3 tote bags
10 pencil bags     20 folders     4 packs of pencils
Desktop Calendar (this accounts for $15 of the $50)

I was pleased!

I also checked on my pot garden today and look at this little feller!
It's a baby cucumber!! I'll try not to kill it! I have tons of cucumber, squash, and tomato blooms but none of them seem to be making fruit. I still have 3 tomatoes growing, but no more fruit seems to be in the works. Is it because it's so dadgum hot?

As for my lap-band. I am doing much better. I don't get stuck as often. It really only happens when I eat too fast or don't chew well. The crazy scales have started moving again. This morning they showed 277. The manual scales show 265. The other digital scales say 298 (I just cuss these, I KNOW they are wrong!)

Today's food:

Chips, salsa, cheese dip, chicken fajitas, chips & salsa, lemonade, mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes w/ranch

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  1. Good job on the weigh loss. I can really tell a difference also. Elaine


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