Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bless Your Heart

I've been watching a show called "You Don't Know Dixie." I'm loving it. It cracked me up about the whole "Bless his heart." I remember the first couple years I taught saying that a lot. My friend, who shall remain nameless, would say "Bless their heart and not in the JL (initials also changed) way." That was her way of saying, poor thing is just unlucky and not stupid. It still cracks me up.

I use the following words and phrases on an almost daily basis:
buggy (what you put your groceries in), fixin' to (what I'm about to do), sweetie, honey, fetch, piddle, ain't, jabber, and a whole mess of others I can't think of right now.

Part of living in The South is constant exposure to fried foods and sweet tea (God Bless America!) Fried food just tastes better, I swear it does. I do get fried food. I also mix in a little grilled, baked, and boiled food. It just doesn't taste as good.

Let's talk about butter and bacon grease. What doesn't taste better when either one is added in? Lord have mercy. It's a wonder every single person in The South isn't obese! Paula Deen is a hero down here!

I am working on making changes in my eating habits. But they are gradual changes. Yes, I quit smoking cold turkey. But I can't quit food. It's really difficult to not eat the yummy stuff when that's what others are eating. I am not that strong. If my will power were stronger, I wouldn't be in the situation.

I know that I am completely responsible for the condition of my health. Yes, genetics contributed, but I am responsible.

My main goal is to work on portion control and exercising. The lap-band is helping with the amount I eat. Now I just have to work on me choosing the right foods and getting up off of my butt.

I'm willing to bet that an overweight person knows more about the mechanics and the science behind dieting and losing weight than your average Joe.

We're pros at it. I've been on more diets and read more books and articles than you could ever imagine. I know about vitamins, nutrients, calories, the food pyramid (or whatever it's being called now), exercise, mental attacks. That doesn't mean I'm good about applying it or being perserverant.

I am my worst enemy. But, I have hope and I am getting there. The things that are wrong with my eating and exercising habits won't be changed overnight. It is a gradual process.

I have cut out 95% of sugar in what I drink. Yes,  I cave occasionally and have an Icee, Mt. Dew, or Lemonade. Mostly, I am drinking water and sugar free Hawaiian Punch and sugar free Peach Tea. I do eat fried foods and cook with butter and bacon grease, but not every day. I'm also eating tons more salad, grilled/baked fish, and soups. Lean Cuisine is my friend.

Over the past 6 months I have lost over 50 pounds. Yes, the band is responsible, but not entirely. I have to "work" with it or it won't do its "job." On a side note, my BMI has dropped enough that I have gone from Morbidly Obese, to just plain ol' Obese, woohoo!

I love constructive criticism. I need to be called on what I am doing wrong.

But, it's kinda like when I lose my keys and Blaine tells me, "If you'd just put them where they belong, you wouldn't lose them." ARGHHHH I KNOW THAT! It still doesn't help me find my keys! I am a creature of habit and breaking some habits are harder than others.

Thank you for each and every comment!

Keep showing the bloggy love!

p.s. I found another dadgum caterpillar. I'm going to have to buy the 'serious' bug stuff!

p.p.s. we went the Redbirds game tonight. I had a salad wedge, some Pork BBQ nachos from the Rendezvous, and half of a wild cherry Icee. Before my band I would have eaten all of the nachos, all of the Icee, a full entree, and who knows what else.


  1. I understand the constant battle. i weighed tonight and have gained some weight since the last time I weighed. Not good. Kay

  2. The "JL" way! hahaha
    Lovin' the blog!


  3. I love all the southern words! Growing up in Texas, I have used many of them!


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