Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy, Busy Bee

Another productive day! I (along with some help) got lots of work done today. By the time we stopped, I was sweating and half my face was red!

To follow it up, when I got home, I started cleaning and cooking. I should sleep well tonight!

I marinated two steaks last night in marinade and cooked them for dinner. While Blaine was outside working on the yard, I was in the kitchen making The Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna Ever! I will put in the oven tomorrow when we get home.

I've invited a couple of girls from work over to share in my huge lasagna! I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Not a bad lap-band day! I'm feeling ready for my next fill! The last time I was there I had some concerns about being constantly hoarse. She was concerned and told me to start taking Pepcid at night.

I think I've figured out what is wrong. For years, I've taken my daily meds at night before going to bed. I've been having an awful time with reflux, but only at bedtime. I do believe this has been caused by my choice of pill-poppin' time! I'm going to conduct a little experiment and move PPT to earlier in the evening and see if this helps!

Today's food:
Fried Okra (I know, I know, don't lecture!)
Cowboy Rice
Starbursts (I gave the last of them away!)
Green beans
Lasagna meat mixture
Chex mix 1/2 cup

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