Monday, August 15, 2011

Did you miss me?

I haven't gone this long without posting since January. I'll just post some pictures and tell you what was going on :)
I picked up my latest piece from Seize the Clay. I'm pretty proud of it. I have a feeling one of our relatives will be receiving this for Christmas!
Now that the heat has subsided, my pot garden is really thriving! I went out tonight and counted FOUR squash, FOUR cucumbers, and THREE tomatoes!!! I hope they all survive.
We went to visit my family this weekend. As we were driving along, we spotted a calf out of the fence. We pulled right next to it. I tried to take a picture. My phone has the world's brightest flash and scared the calf. This is a picture of nothing but the blur!
My cousins, The Freelands, sang a few songs at church. Once I figure out how to download the videos from my phone I'll post them!
It was Homecoming at the church where Blaine and I were married. My brother, Mark, was the guest preacher! We were able to hear him bring the message and visit with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and cutie pie grandson!
I was super excited about the potluck following the service! My cousin, Peggy, made her coconut cream pie! I skipped the lunch line and headed straight for the desserts! I had to insure that I got at least a little piece!
I took my pie into the sanctuary with me while I was visiting with my family and my cutie-pie great nephews! What I didn't realize is that my dad had gotten hold of my pie and ate half the meringue off!!!! Seriously? My family knows how crazy I am about this pie. He ate it off, no hands, no fork, just put his mouth on my pie and ate the fluffy stuff! Don't think this stopped me from eating the yummy goodness in the middle!
I love fellowship dinners! My sister, she's awesome, made Mexican Chicken! Oh My heavens I was giddy! This is my plate! I didn't eat all the ham. I did eat everything else! I love cucumbers and tomatoes, almost as much as I love Mexican Chicken!!!
School is back in session and I'm going to start using again. It helps me realize how many calories I'm consuming. I have a lap-band appointment the 31st. Hopefully, she'll tighten it a wee bit more. I've reached a plateau. I'm going to have to start making wiser decisions about what I'm drinking and eating. The only way this band is going to work is if I'm working with it!

Today was good up until the very end. It really bothers me that I allow people to hurt my feelings like I do. I know I may come across as brash and tough sometimes, but I'm extremely tender-hearted and a big ol' bawl baby.

I'd rather be sensitive, than harsh, uncaring, and angry. I truly try to cherish the friends I have. I understand about having bad days, but some actions and tones just aren't necessary. If I have ever made you feel confused and hurt. I'm sorry. Truly.


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  1. I missed you! ...and btw, the blurry calf photo looks like you took a pic of a moon-sliver to me. :)


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