Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Buggin!

Had a almost great day. It was very close to being great!
After school we went home, changed clothes, and headed to Gus's for dinner.
This is the best spicy fried chicken I have ever eaten! Our bill was less than $20 (before tip) for two plates and two drinks. If you've never eaten here and you're in the Memphis area, you should definitely try it!
After dinner we headed to the Mississippi River Greenbelt Park and watched the river roll by!

A trip to Wal-Mart was necessary. I needed ammunition for my war I'm currently waging!!!!

I found these little buggers in my tomato plant today. I was NOT AMUSED!!! I pulled them off and then started spraying. While I was spraying I found one more!
I sprayed it good! It really irritates me that none of them were on the ugly tomato plant. They all gathered on the pretty one that has FOUR tomatoes now!!
I'll be looking at my plants much more closely now. I'm on a mission. I also found a bunch more cucumbers and another squash today. The plants are liking this weather much better!!!

I am the problem with my lap-band. I have to get more motivated. I have been doing things I know I shouldn't. I have been drinking soda, sweet tea, and eating potato chips. None of these things are making me stuck.

I find myself gravitating to things I know I shouldn't be eating. It's a mental thing and nothing will fix this but me changing how I act and think.

The reason my weight loss has been at a stand still is because I am not exercising and I'm not making good food choices. Using will make me acknowledge exactly what I am eating.

It's not that I'm going to try and do better, it is I will do better.

Show some bloggy love!

It is Elvis week in Memphis. I got three of these magazines for my Elvis loving family members. Thanks to Blaine for driving around until we found them!


  1. I can't say I understand completely what you're struggling through, but I can say that I've had my own issues with food that I've had to come to terms with.

    For me, personally, in the end it was family & friends who became my motivation... not by actually doing anything, but by just existing. i wanted to be alive & healthy for them, to be able to get on the floor (and be able to get back up again) and run around with the young ones without feeling completely wiped after 5 minutes.

    And then now that I'm coming to terms with my dad's death and everything that's happened, I'm realizing that life really is REALLY effin' short - and I want to be the star of my own life and live it to the fullest. So I've come to a place where I finally feel proud of myself for eating, and eating nutritious food, and I've found ways to make really nutritious food really delicious, which helps, too.

    umm... i'm forgetting what the point of all this was... i think it was to say that, once you get started, you'll start to feel pride for what you accomplish for yourself and your family/friends. own your pride in what you do for yourself. and never. EVER. let the stumbles blind you to your past, current, and future successes. after all, what would you tell a student who had trouble learning something? to keep trying, of course!

    zachary kyler

  2. It is easy to gravitate to those foods. I do that myself. Can be so hard sometimes. Look at those monsters in your garden. I want to do my own vege patch, but the dogs dig it up.

  3. I stumble upon your blog a few months ago and have read back. i admire you for taking the steps to make your life healthy and long. You and your dh seems so in love and that really shows in your blog.

    I myself have had a life long weightissue and my highest weight was 220. I ahve lost a significant amount on a differnet plan, not lap band. I do know some poeple who have had gastic bypass and lap band,though I haven't really eaten with them so I am not that familiar with how certain thingns are toerated. i do knwo you are suppose to eat small amoutns, right? I am in NO WAY condemming NAYTHING you do, you are trying and that is a HUGE thing. I do have to comment, out of love for a fellow hukan being, your food choices do not sem to be that healthy. LOTS of fried and fattening foods and snacky type things. I don't see a whole lot of lean meats, whole grains, fruits and veggies. Some...but a lot of fried and snack foods. Maybe you could see a nutritionist to help you with a food plan? Again, I am in NO WAY condeming you, please do NOT take this comment that way. We all got fat by eating the wrong things--fast food, snacky carby high fat foods, laziness and eating my emtions got me to 220. We all have our issues. But since you post what you eat daily, I thoguth i would comment. Good luck on your journey, Ipray that you will figure this all out and be on your way to a slimmer, healthire life.


  4. Oh, PLEASE forgive my AWEFUL non-existant typing skillz!! Hopefully you can figure out what I wrote-lol!



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