Monday, August 8, 2011

Hooked on a Feeling

Today was our first contract day of school. The students will return on the 15th. It wasn't bad today. The "opening ceremonies" were very entertaining! The best I've seen in my 12 years in the district! This will be my 18th year in teaching. Wow, I'm feeling old!

They even fed us lunch! I was so looking forward to eating the catfish. My eyes were bigger than my tummy! I did eat a chicken strip and three strips of catfish. It was delicious!
All that red stuff is Louisiana Hot Sauce!!  I didn't eat the pickles or the beans :(

Overall a very good first day! 187 more mornings to get up and go to work until summer vacation 2012. I love my job and I love summer. I expect good things to happen during the school year and I anticipate a great summer in 2012!

When school was over we headed to Margarita's for dinner. I know it was 3:30 but my lunch had worn off and I was starvin' Marvin! I ordered the chicken fajitas, hold the tomatoes and bell peppers. What's crazy is that I eat all the onions and bring the chicken home

We'll have the chicken tomorrow night for dinner!

Later, I ate a salad. I find myself hungry every 2-3 hours.

Do you ever get the feeling that somebody is unhappy with you? They start acting weird, not quite so nice, just different. Wouldn't it be easier to let people know you're upset and why? Last year, I got mad at somebody told them why and that they should stay away from me for a while. Isn't this the best way to handle things? What do you think? Are you up front with people when they upset you?

Please don't make me try to read your mind and figure out what I've done or not done. Just tell me, please. I hate to have to ask "What did I do? You're acting weird!"

Keep showing the bloggy love!


I'm glad my crazy scales have started to move! I do have another appointment on the 31st. I don't want to have gained weight when I go back!

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  1. I usually try to find a way to tell the person, unless it is something that I feel I will get over fairly quickly...I try to pick my battles!
    And do you have to have taught, or have a teaching license, to work as a librarian in a public school? I want to get my masters in library science but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to work at a school.
    This is Laura (Johnson) won't let me post a comment under my account?!


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