Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"It doesn't make a difference what temperature a room is, it's always room temperature." — Steven Wright

It has been stinkin' hot here. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. I just looked at my weather app and it says 103 degrees tomorrow and a heat index of 120 degrees!!!! DADGUM!

I've been pouring 2-3 gallons of water per pot on my 'garden'. Our grass is turning brown, it burns my bare feet to step outside, breathing is a chore, and it's just miserable. We're almost afraid to go anywhere in the car. If it breaks down, it could be dangerous to be out in this heat for any kind of time.

We did brave the heat today. Blaine wanted to go buy a book he'd been wanting and then we ate at Genghis Grill.

I took home almost all of my bowl. I ate on it later and I still have enough left for tomorrow!

Thanks to my friend Jen, I now have several "new" outfits. I know I have yet to post a full length photo, so here I am modeling my new clothes:


Today's food:
Genghis Grill, Chicken Cheese Quesadilla, Cheese Dip, Tostitos, Granola Bar, Lemonade, and 1/3 of a Three Cheese Rigatoni Lean Cuisine.

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p.s. I've started thinking about Christmas gifts. I have one bought, but I'd like to knock out the rest by the end of October! Any suggestions? The "That's My Pan!" I got for everybody last year seemed to be a hit.

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  1. Robin, you are looking GREAT!Isn't it nice to get cloths that are know I have enjoyed getting into the last of the cloths that I have kept the past 2 yrs.Once these get too loose on me it is shopping time for me...YIPEE.Looking forward to going out and trying on cloths,and not wanting to sit and cry for the size and the way they look.The cloths that I am able to wear now, are mainly fall and winter cloths, so I will defiantly have to get new summer cloths next year.

    Kept up the battle.I know it is hard at times and the struggles are there.But you are strong, and strong willed that you will prevail.

    And are looking awesome. :)

    Cherie Presley Carr


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