Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let the Countdown begin!!!

The last day. Tomorrow we go back. That means 188 more mornings to get up and go to work until Summer Vacation 2012.

I didn't blog yesterday, I just wasn't feeling it. We did go to Seize the Clay and pick up my pottery pieces. While there, I used another Groupon and painted a new piece.
Today was a laid back day. We had breakfast at Huddle House, went to visit the in-laws, clipped coupons, picked up my FREE 8x10 at Walgreens,
I love this picture of Blaine and Deuce!

harvested my cucumber, rode around town, ate some ice cream and a salad, and then just vegged. It was a good day!
Last day on the vine.

Last look before eating!
All peeled and sliced.
A little Salt, Pepper, and ranch!
The end.
A new beginning. Look close and find the new baby.
I weighed today. According to the crazy scales I weighed 277. I no longer outweigh Blaine by more than 100 pounds! I'm going to catch up and steal all his jeans!

So far the only thing about losing weight is saggy skin. I can deal with that!

Today's food:
eggs, hash browns, gravy, McDouble, spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread, cherry sundae, and salad

Blaine's dinner plate. I did eat my share. Spaghetti slides down rather well!
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  1. I like how you painted the pottery--that's so fun and cute! And I love the picture of the two guys looking at each other. Congrats on your weight loss!


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