Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pardon Me While I Rant on...

Going to the Movies.

I believe that there should be rules about watching a movie in public:

1. Get there before the actual movie starts. I understand missing the commercials and the previews. But do you understand how frustrated I get when you walk in front of me right as the action is starting? Especially if there are words on the screen or people are speaking. I don't want to miss stuff that may keep me from staying confused for the next 90+ minutes

2. Children under the age of 6 should not be allowed in PG movies that aren't marketed to children. I don't want to hear them yammering all through the movie. They don't want to see this movie and the only reason they are here is because their parents can't afford a sitter and/or have separation anxiety.

3. BABIES, parents should have to pay $40 for a baby to come in the movie. Or they can personally poll the audience and get every single persons OK for their baby to be in the movie.

4. I understand the need for a little conversation in the movie. Sometimes you blink, you don't understand what you just saw, or you're just flat out confused. Other than that, please be quiet.

5. If your phone rings, leave. Don't have your conversation while I'm trying to watch/listen. Also, please put your phone on vibrate. I don't want to hear your "Stairway to Heaven" ring tone!

6. Please keep your feet off the back of my seat. I will do the same if you are in front of me.

7. If you're gonna be making out during the movie, please sit on the back row. 

What are your movie peeves? We pay too much for a movie ticket to have that experience ruined.



  1. You don't need a seven inch Snooki Pouf to watch a movie. If you insist on the pouf or a hat, don't sit in front of me!

    Hearing cell phones and kids/babies in the movies pisses me off.


  2. This is angela! I so agree with all that u said!


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