Monday, August 29, 2011

"Snap out of it!" (Cher in Moonstruck)

I have got to snap out of it! I need to snap out of lots of things.

I need to quit letting people and their "problems" get me down.
I need to start exercising on a more regular basis.
I need more energy. Right now I feel tired all the time.
I want motivation. Not much is motivating me to do much lately.
I need the things I can't change to quit bothering me so much.
I want to be a happier, more optimistic person.
I want to be strong and stop eating and drinking the things I shouldn't.
I want to be a good friend, but stop allowing people to take advantage of me.
I don't want to feel guilty when I say no.

What things would you like to change in your life?



  1. Keep your head up Robin, I thinks you are doing great. We all have those tough days...but you are just the gal who has it under control:)

    take care, Teresa Payment (remember me)

  2. If I had the energy, I would go back to college and get another degree. Speech Path. They have regular school calendars and make more money. Less BS paperwork than most teachers. That's about it.
    Robin, I like you just the way you are.



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