Friday, August 5, 2011

Time for another countdown!

Today was the 44th and last official day of summer vacation. It's been a great summer. I've had a blast. I think Blaine's had a great time. I'm ready to get started and get back into the swing of things and get used to our school schedule.

It finally rained today. Not just a little rain, a gully-washer! It was great! The temperature dropped and it felt awesome! I went outside to check on my cucumber and tomatoes. My cucumber is amazing, I can see how much it grows day to day.
I did find two more baby cucumbers and a new tomato! I'm loving my garden. I wish it had produced more, but I'm sure I'll do better next summer.

Today at Kelly's Korner she is asking for Blogging tips. I haven't been blogging long enough to have many tips, but I know what I like when I read.
*be real, but try not be depressing every day. I like a little humor.
*use lots of pictures! I love seeing what people are talking about!
*proof read and use your spell checker! Although I make plenty of mistakes, I do usually check!
*please don't use a tiny, squiggly font. It hurts my eyes to read.

My only suggestion is to make use of AdSense or something similar. Why not use your blog to make a little extra money? I've used blog hops and I try leaving comments on other blogs to generate traffic. (A real comment, not just one that says "come check me out!") I also try to post when Kelly does SUYL and leave a linky! That generates tons of traffic!

My lap-band is doing great. I get hungry every two hours, but I just eat a little and I'm good. The 'wetter' food is, the better I can eat it!
Soup = super easy
milkshake = super easy
taco salad = easy
dumplings = easy
spaghetti = easy
hamburger = not so easy
chicken = not so easy
cornbread = difficult!

I realized yesterday that I haven't really lost any weight this summer, but I haven't gained any. After a trip to New Orleans and Las Vegas and all the food I ate, that's good for me!

Keep showing some bloggy love!



  1. Try using your cuc in water. Anne Foss (former student and also a blogger) wrote about it and I tried it today. It is SO good. Just ice water with cuc slices. I think it is my new fav.


  2. I tried to grow cucumbers this year and got a great start inside and then I planted them outside and failed :( It is awesome yours worked.

  3. Visiting you from Kelly's Korner. I like your first tip about not being too depressing. I like a little humor too :)

  4. I am new to blogging too, and I like that you shared what you like to read, and see in a blog. I can't stand depressing blogs either. For instance the ones where someone is discussing their unhealthy relationship with their man. Ugh, moving on. Good job on the cuc's. :)

  5. Your cucumbers look great compared to mine. Mine are shriveled. I appreciated your blogging tips. I have the worst time catching errors on my blog and sometimes I still forget to spell check!

    And I LOVE you font. :)

  6. Thanks for those tips. THe cucumber looks great... I want to try what LPage suggested in the first comment - cucumbers in ide water... sounds refreshing!

  7. yay for the cucumber. I got about 8 off of two plants this summer. Not bad for a first time potted garden.

  8. Hi there! I just hopped over from Kelly's Korner. Thanks for your tips. Congrats on not gaining a pound after 2 trips--that deserves major kudos! Not an easy task :)

  9. I love humor too! The depressing people just really get me down. :)


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