Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where can I get an order of Motivation to go?

I just haven't been motivated to do much of anything lately. I'm blaming the beginning of school. Once I get used to my routine again, I plan on doing much better!

I did work on my coupons yesterday. I sat and cut and organized and put them in my binder for three solid hours! Today we went to Kroger. After they scanned my Kroger card the total was $124.08. After all my coupons were scanned, the total was $81.86. I was happy!

Yesterday I had planned on posting a photo journal of everything I ate. I took the pictures, I just couldn't get motivated to blog. I'm going to do it one day.

My goal this week is to cook at home every night. No eating out until Friday. We both do better when we eat at home.

Show the bloggy love! I promise to be a better blogger :)


My lap-band is great. I'm doing much better with quantities and stopping before I get sick.
Today's food:
Gravy & Small piece of country ham
1/2 cup chili
Green Beans & Carrots
Cheese Quesadilla
2 chicken nuggets
Broccoli w/Cheese sauce
Cucumber & Ranch
Small slice Pork Tenderloin with fat removed


  1. I've considered lap-band. Do you suggest it? Is it dangerous or anything? From what I've read it seems to be perfectly safe and pretty non-invasive.

  2. If you figure out where to find the motivation, please let us know. Elaine


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