Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I Blog

When I first began this blog I had no direction or purpose. I wrote one post in October 2009 and then it languished for almost a year. I started posting random pictures I'd taken and wrote about different things.

After finally deciding to have lap-band surgery I had a direction for my blog. I wanted to document what I was going through and track my weight loss. It's become so much more than that.

Writing this has given me an outlet for my feelings and things that happen to me. I love being able to look back at pictures of me in January and see how much my face has changed.

It has also forced me to stay honest with myself. I also have people holding me accountable for my actions and not letting me "excuse" myself for not doing the right thing.

It also allows me to try and share the funny things that happen in my life, at least I think they're funny!

Thanks for being a blog reader. Feel free to become a follower :o) Please leave comments, I love them.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the Nurse Practitioner for my band. I know that I haven't lost any weight since my last checkup. I hope that she will be tightening my band. I know I'll have to be honest about my lack of exercise and bad food choices. I'm not perfect, but I am so much better than where I was 12 months ago! I will take that "W"!

Today's food:
Gigi lemon cupcake with most of the icing removed
Salad with tomatoes, pastrami, onions, and ranch
Cucumber salad
five crackers with cheese
1/2 cup refried beans with pico
Fajita chicken and onions 1/2 cup
5 chips and salsa
1 cup chicken spaghetti

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  1. Where did you get a GiGi's Cupcake?!?!!? They had one in OKC and I'm having withdrawls!


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