Tuesday, September 20, 2011

# "Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it." ~ Marshall McLuhan

Having a baby of my own just wasn't part of the plan for me. I'm blessed to have a niece, step-niece, five nephews, two great-nieces, three great-nephews, three step great-nephews, and a great-??? on the way.

My life has an abundance of babies and small to large children. I have been around them for as long as I can remember. Jeremy was born when I was 10. We were with each other almost constantly until he was 8, when I went to college. I'm happy to say he survived being placed in the dryer, having his shoulder dislocated, and I'm sure several other traumatic experiences.

I've had my share of changing diapers, being spit up on, inconsolable crying, and being peed on.

But nothing beats holding a sweet baby.
How sweet is this baby? I work with his Grandma. I was his mom's elementary and junior high librarian. They live in my neighborhood. I walked over to their house today and did a little spoiling! I walked him, fed him, and burped him! He is the sweetest baby!

I'd have brought him home with me, but Blaine might have freaked :)

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Today's food:
Apple juice
Chicken noodle soup
baked beans
1 mini corndog
bbq corn chips
mt. dew
1 boneless wing
3 french fries
fried mushrooms

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