Sunday, September 11, 2011

If a Little is Good, Then More Has to Be Better

For most of my life when I've eaten something good, I've always wanted more.

Now with Elmer (My lap-band's name, thanks Nina!) I'm learning to savor the bites and not ask for more.  Sometimes more is NOT better. More is part of what got me into my current weight situation.

I'm still learning to put small portions on my plate. I'm still learning that cleaning my plate is not what is best for me. I can't blame these mindsets on anyone but myself. I didn't have a mother that forced me to clean my plate. She tried to encourage me to limit myself. I was hard-headed (still am) and seriously in love with food (still am!)

My love affair is waning. Now food isn't what causes a feel good in my tummy and brain. Food was my cure all for everything. I'd have a headache and think, "If I have some chocolate, I'll feel better." A tummy ache? Crackers make me feel better. Can't sleep? How about a sandwich?

No more. Now eating and/or drinking before bedtime causes reflux. Reflux causes me to have hoarseness and stay awake. One more bite of something tasty, that causes me to throw up. Drinking too fast, that causes me to throw up. I'm learning that when I get a certain feeling I have to stop what ever I'm consuming immediately, no matter how good it tastes.

I have to eat slowly. Sometimes I read my Kindle while I'm eating. It helps me to slow down and chew more. I put less food on my plate. I don't go back for thirds and fourths. I avoid food that's stringy and hard for me to chew.

This band is not a quick fix. It's not a magic spell that fixes everything. What has to be fixed is my brain and how I think about food and eating. Buffets are not for me. It's not worth the cost for me to get anything "all you can eat."

There are many people who've opted to have weight loss surgery (WLS.) Don't judge them as taking the easy way out. It's not as easy as you think. It would have been easier for me to not have the band and continued to put on weight until I died. I wouldn't mind dying healthy, fat, and happy. It was the unhealthy, fat, and unhappy that was bothering me.

This is a serving size. Yes, it's a brownie with a dab of Reddi-Whip. But check out the portion size! Before surgery my brownie would have been FOUR TIMES this! and had ice cream instead! So don't judge my brownie, praise my portion!

Peace, Bloggy Love, & Happiness!


p.s. I'm down 57 pounds :)


  1. I think you are awesome. Way to go!!


  2. Well said lady! Good for you!
    :) Nina
    BTW, the "more" you don't have now can be your leftover later. Saves money too!


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