Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Still Having One of Those Days

Ever do something really stupid? Do you keep doing it over and over again?

I constantly lose/leave things. It isn't that I don't care about them. It usually involves me getting distracted and just walking off. By the the time I think about them again, they are long gone.

For the longest I did not carry a purse. I was awful at just getting up and walking away from it. When I got married I decided it was time to be a "big" girl and start carrying one.

I do pretty good with it, just don't ask me where my keys are. I will have to empty the entire purse just to find them.

Every morning, before leaving for school, Blaine asks "do you have your phone? do you have your watch? do you have your jewelry? do you have your brain?" (Not really the brain, but I'm sure he's thinking it!)

This stuff gets me down. I want the AMA to come up with a diagnosis and treatment for what is wrong with me. We'll call it Forgotititis. Got it? The name of the drug will be Wheresitall! Once a morning, if you can find the bottle and remember to take it before you get distracted!

I would try and list all the things I've left behind, but it's too long and embarrassing! But here's a few:
Camera (left on a chair) with all our vacation pictures from San Francisco
Baby Vera wristlet with all my credit cards and vital info (Praise God it was returned)
Ray Bans that Blaine gave me when we were dating (no idea where I left them)
Too many books to name
Coupon Binder (left at Kroger) never seen again

It isn't that I just leave piddling stuff around. It's expensive things that aren't easily or can't be replaced.

Because of my affliction, when I find things I try to return them. I once found a pair of Chanel sunglasses on a parking lot. We waited for almost an hour to see if anybody returned looking for them. I'm sure that nice lady is missing her sunglasses and if I ever meet her, I'll give them to her.

I also try to do nice things to random people. I believe that what goes around comes around and I need all the help I can get. I share my coupons in both grocery stores and restaurants. It does feel good to share.

So the next time you find something, do the right thing :) It could be a person suffering from Forgotititis.


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  1. Did you lose something else silly girl? I can't wait for your b/day party!! Woot!!! What do you want for your bday?


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