Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rest In Pieces

Don't be mislead by the smile on my face. It is a very sad day at my house. I was cooking  dinner, broccoli with cheese sauce, creamed spinach, green beans, and some fish fillets. I had everything cooking and put the fish on my Pampered Chef Bar Pan. I'd like to note that I have cooked this same brand of fish on this pan before.

I had everything cooking and decided to sit on the couch and read my Kindle for five minutes. I heard a weird 'breaking' sound. I think that something has fallen, which often happens, or is boiling over, which often happens. But NO! I look in the oven and discover this:
This was taken as soon as I found it. What the heck! My Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan Cooking Stone had cracked right between two pieces of fish. I'm am so sad :(

Thank goodness I have a new pizza stone, from when I had my party in May. It isn't seasoned as well but it will be eventually. Probably about the time that my three year warranty runs out. I have a sneaking suspicion that my bar pan was over three years old.

I am a big fan of Pampered Chef, but I have a feeling I'm going to try the Paula Deen stone that supposed to be a much lower price!

I'll keep you updated on my replacement.


p.s. we went to trivia tonight and had our hineys handed to us. Oh well, we had fun :)

Today's food:
two eggs
sausage patty
chicken sausage alfredo
juice box
creamed spinach
green beans
mashed potatoes w. gravy
part of a chicken thigh
small chocolate milk shake
small cup of mt. dew

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  1. I know you already know this so I apologize for the obviousness of this (lol), but be sure to read any reviews about it and see if you can bake frozen foods on the PD one as well. If not then you'll probably end up with the same result eventually. And since it's cheaper maybe sooner rather than later. :) I wonder if you put down some non stick aluminum foil if that would help?


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