Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's my party!!!

My birthday isn't until next week, but we celebrated tonight!
Charlotte S, Shirey, Charlotte K, Jami, me, Kelly, and Darby

We got together at Nagasaki Japanese Steak House. Kelly, Darby, Clint, and Charlotte S.

I had Buy One Get One Free coupons for everybody! Jeorge, Jami, Larry, and Charlotte K.

Blaine and Shirey. She was sad her gooberhead didn't get to be there.

We had a great time!

My haul from Schnuck's today. EVERYTHING was 80% OFF!!!!!! we got $550 worth of stuff for $111

My first ever bite of sushi!

...and my last! YUCKO!!!

I had a blast! I wish we got together more often!

Sorry about the gross picture, but ewww! I'm definitely not a sushi girl!


Today's food:
Genghis Bowl
Veggies and Steak
Sweet Tea
Pretzel M&Ms

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  1. We had to much fun!!!! and LOL @ the pic of me showing my boobies.


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