Monday, October 24, 2011

Old Teachers Never Die, they just lose their class.

Find a teacher and hug them. Unless you are one, you have no idea what Parent Teacher Conferences are like! Now that I'm a librarian, it's not that bad. I still see what the others are going through.

You have parents coming in mad because there child is flunking your class, parents that are mad because, according to their child, you are picking on them, parents that aren't concerned that their child is in trouble every day. You don't get just one parent, you get up to 100 parents in six hours or less.

I do realize there are some teachers that are unreasonable, don't like your child, or don't teach like they should. What I want parents to realize is that children exaggerate, leave out facts, or just flat out and convincingly lie. Most of the time, teachers don't have a reason to lie. Kids do, they don't want to get in trouble. That's a pretty good reason.

Also, having teachers work a full day with the kids and then stay until 8pm on a Monday is mentally tough. Going to work the next morning is tough. But we do it. I still love my job. I'm glad I do what I do, almost every single day.

Today I got FOUR boxes of new library books in. It was like Christmas! I opened them up and was so excited!!! I can't wait to get them processed and checked out to the students!!

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p.s. I realize I haven't talked about my band much lately. I haven't lost or gained any weight. I'm just hovering at 269. I still don't feel I'm ready for another fill. I do have FOUR different medical appointments this month. The gynecologist, the dermatologist, the bandoligist :), and the opthamologist.

My blood pressure has been consistently low lately. I'm wondering if I need to have my BP meds cut again or maybe it's time to stop. I've also had some weird stuff on my face. I'm wondering if I have eczema. I don't know. After this, I'd like several months of no doctor at all! I'm having problems reading the tiny stuff at work. I'm afraid I'm going to need bifocals!

I do realize I need to get back to drinking water and lay off of the juice and tea. I need to exercise. I need to make better food choices. There are plenty of ways for me to improve!

Love you all!


  1. You summed up life as a teacher perfectly. *sigh* I guess being the "perfect student" growing up I never realized all of the extra garbage teachers go through...but, now I know first hand!!!!
    And I greatly appreciate your comment earlier!!! Means the world to me!!!

  2. Hi Robin,
    With the new fb layout, I sometimes miss your blog. I have been going back and reading and clicking.
    I wish parents would 1)realize that teachers don't have to "invent" things to say about your child - your kid can really be a PITA and 2) we have to limit bathroom and locker passes because if we didn't we would never see the entire class at the same time.

    Rant over....


  3. This was an excellent post about teachers/parents. I did that for 40 years----listened and tried to keep from kicking someone's butt. I enjoy reading your blog.



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