Monday, October 3, 2011

A Penny Saved

As I sit here typing, I'm trying not to bawl. Dancing with the Stars is at fault. J.R., the veteran, danced to a very poignant song. He got a standing ovation and dadgummit if Carrie Ann Inaba didn't almost bawl.

Don't worry too much about me, I generally cry at Glee! and the Folgers commercial every Christmas season.

I found out my friend is going to have a baby girl tonight. I teared up when she told me. She's prayed, waited, and wanted this baby for a very long time. Maybe someday I'll get her to do a guest blog on here and tell her story. It's quite a story and a blessing.

Keep showing the bloggy love!


p.s. I'm hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year, A FIRST! Any favorite recipes, that are easy, you'd like to send my way?

Today's food:
Carrot souffle
Beef Jerky
1/2 Dove Chocolate
leftover Genghis Grill
Sweet tea
chicken leg & thigh
potato salad
baked beans

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  1. Yes!I have 2 recipes I HAVE to have this time of year... but I'd rather send them to you on facebook since sometimes I have trouble posting here.


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