Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pickle Chicken: The finale!

Yesterday  we went to visit Dad & Coco. Tuesday is their anniversary, so we took them out to a super fancy dinner at Large Mouth Pizza! It was very good and I was bad and ate part of a chocolate fried pie and most of a piece of pizza.

We had a good time visiting with them. This morning we got up and went to church and listened to Dad preach. After church we headed back to the Delta. We stopped at Tadpole's and had lunch. I really enjoyed the fish, it was very tender and easy to eat. I enjoyed most everything else too!

I dropped Blaine off at the house and I headed to Wally World! I bought some vegetable oil and a Cool Daddy Fryer! It's Pickle Chicken time!!! If you missed the first part of Pickle Chicken you can read about it here.
Isn't it pretty?
I mixed up some beer batter for the chicken, dredged some of it, and cooked some nekkid!

First off you have to take the chicken out of the pickle juice and pat it dry. Julia Child says this is a must! All hail Julia!

Notice the lovely yellow-green color? This is a good thing!
I cooked the chicken strips nekkid on George. I was trying for a "healthy" spin.
I must admit the nekkid chicken was very chewy and not very appetizing. Neither one of use could eat it. (Sorry Lisa A.!)
I was disappointed in the nekkid chicken.

Next up was the beer batter chicken. The batter was a bit thick, even though I added more beer than it called for, trying to thin it up.
It looks really pretty but it was just a bit much. After I realized how the battered chicken was turning out, I took the rest of the legs out of the batter, rinsed them off, patted them dry and dredged them though some seasoned flour.
Blaine tried all three and this was his favorite by far!!! Props to Blaine for being an awesome Guinea Pig.

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