Friday, October 7, 2011

So Good, We Went Again!!!

Today was a beautiful day. A good day at work, we got out a little early! We decided to use some of our winnings from trivia and go eat at the Bourbon Street Steakhouse and Grill again! When we walked in the people immediately recognized us! It was awesome!

We were seated and already knew what we wanted! I spoke with the waiter about needing a to-go box for most of my food. He was very understanding. The manager came over and I told her how I had blogged about our dinner Wednesday night and how much we loved it. I also started talking about Elmer. Poor thing, I probably sounded like an info-mercial about the joys of being banded.

I probably told her more than she ever wanted to know!

Blaine ordered the same thing, I switched up a little and ordered the prime rib roast and pecan pie this time! OMG it was amazing! Even three hours later when I heated it up and ate some more!

Today is a special date for Blaine and me. Six years ago today is when we first saw each other outside of school. I had two tickets to see the Black Crowes on Mud Island and my friend, Sara, had to bail on me. I was frantic, trying to find somebody to go with me. I called all my friends and asked around school. I couldn't find anybody that wanted or could go. Finally, at lunch, I asked Blaine if he liked the Black Crowes and if he'd like to go.

HE SAID YES!!! I told him I'd spring for the tickets if he'd drive and take care of parking. He did that AND paid for the tickets!

He showed up at my house and I rushed out of the house. He thought I didn't want him in my house. What he didn't know is the reason... My house was a wall-to-wall mess! (He's still having to deal with my messy tendencies, but loves me despite my evil ways.)

We got in his Camaro and went to the concert. It was so cold! But I had a great time. He was such a gentleman. It took another five weeks of flirting and chatting but we finally went out again! Eight months and three days after the Black Crowes we were married!

I love him more today than I ever imagined was possible. He's my mate and I thank God for bringing him into my life.

Our marriage isn't like the Harlequin novels I grew up reading. It is a wonderful friendship and partnership that I can't imagine not being a part of my life now. He's just as silly and twisted as I am, I love it!


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  1. You were meant for one another! And your messiness was just a part of who you were. Lori


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