Sunday, October 9, 2011

He's Green, But He's Cute!

Today we went to my sister-in-law's home in Wynne. She had birthday lunch for Blaine's dad, brother-in-law, and me. It was very good! She has a beautiful home and gorgeous backyard!
 It was fun playing with Blaine's great-nephew. I call him Deuce, but I'm thinking we should call him Pistachio after today.

I think he really enjoyed his cupcake with green icing!

Today I am happy to report I fit into a pair of size 18/20 pants. I've had these pants since 2006 and probably haven't worn them since then.
There aren't many clothes left in my closet that I can't wear. Just one pair of Se7en jeans. They are size 18 and it will be at least 10-15 more pounds before I can wear them. When I bought them they were waaaaay too tight. I have refused to give them away. I knew that one day I would wear them again! That day is coming. I just have to be patient!

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  1. Wear them to the reception!!!! You are looking so great! Lori


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