Monday, November 28, 2011

Can she bake a cherry pie? If she has Pinterest she can!

Pinterest is a very dangerous website.
Enter it with caution.
It is known to consume hours of your time before you realize it.
It will cause you to jump up and run to the kitchen and start cooking.
Even if you aren't hungry!
My project last night:

I just happened to have some pie crust. I started by cutting out circles.

I used my pizza cutter and sliced the leftover dough into strips.

 Look what else I found in the cabinet! I could eat this straight out of the can!
I baked the empty shells in my muffin tin first. I can't stand raw pie dough :(
Filled them up with Cherry pie filling. Mmmm, I'm getting hungry just looking at this!
I took the strips and wove them together, on my counter, for the top. I used a spatula to lift them up and lay them on top.
I baked them a little longer to get the lattice done. I used the temperature and time from the pie crust box.
Isn't it just the cutest little pie?

I thought about putting a cherry on top, but I was able to stop myself!

I only ate one, I loved it. I might have gotten the crust a little overdone. I took two to my in-laws and Blaine had one. There's one left, maybe breakfast tomorrow!

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p.s. do you Pinterest? What's your weakness? Have you actually made anything?


  1. (i tried to post a comment earlier, but it's not if it magically appears later and there are two, i'm sorry!) I'm completely addicted to Pinterest! I have made food, curtains, and other art projects! I've gotten hair, make-up, and outfit ideas! It has everything you could possibly need! :)

    Kelly Z

  2. Hi there, it looks delicious. Do tell, the can with cherries, is there actually already a sauce inside?


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