Monday, November 14, 2011

Days like these....

Days like these are why I love being in education. This fine young man stopped by to visit me today. He was a library aid about five years ago. He is now in the Army, married, and about to start a new job. I'm very proud of how he has turned into such a nice, young man.

His parents have a great deal to do with how he's turned out. My experiences with them have been wonderful. They always expected him to be be respectful and to do his best. His younger brother is at the junior high and he's great too!

I love that Logun wanted to stop by and see me and tell me about all the great things that are happening in his life. Keep up the good work!

The hits just kept on rolling when I got home! I got to drive the "tractor" over to my in-laws. We store it there for the winter. AWESOME, that is how I describe driving down the road with the wind in my hair.

A little boy was out for a walk with his mom and big sister. He saw me and start jumping up and down and talking to his mom and pointing at me. I waved like Miss America (polish the apple, y'all) and he waved back, jumped up and down, and had a big 'ol grin.

What a day!

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